To provide therapeutic services in a trauma-informed approach, by being compassionate and providing a safe space for individuals to be vulnerable. B.A.R.E. Holistic & Wellness Therapy, Inc., believes that every individual is distinctive in their own way, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and emotions. This is why we believe it is essential to facilitate a wide range of approaches, modalities, & techniques that will guide individuals to have a positive transformation and well-being.


By providing knowledge and guidance and having individuals embrace their WHOLE self, it can enhance confidence and trust within them to take control, make positive changes in their lives, and rewrite their stories.


B.A.R.E. contains all the core values that we believe is importance for anyone to have, which can be helpful as a check-in.

  • B stands for Balance it is important for all to strive for balance starting from food, work, to even your personal life, pretty much in all aspects of your life. Now in days, it is difficult to have balance, but we all know what happens when you do not have it. Having a lack of balance causes stress, emotional distress, and even can harm your physical health, it causes burnout in all individuals and in different ways, which causes distress in many parts of your lives if not all. There are many ways to be creative and find balance. “If you work hard, you must play hard too.”

  • A stands for Accountability, if you are not responsible and accountable for yourself and actions, then how can you grow and change to be a better version of yourself. Individuals must recognize when you are making mistakes, when you are in the wrong, even if it is uncomfortable, even if its difficult, you must check yourself. You cannot hold someone else accountable if you cannot do it yourself. You must first be honest, open and willing to want change. Changing behaviors, managing emotions, and challenging thoughts is not easy, but you can try, try again and be consistent. You must challenge yourself to then see the beautiful changes you can make.

  • R stands for Respect, it means to have integrity, to be honest, and most importantly to honor yourself and values. Respect starts from your body, your boundaries, to your entire self, but also to others. When you respect yourself, you accept yourself fully, and then you start caring for yourself. When you care for something or someone, you go above and beyond for them. Why can’t you do that for yourself? Respect can enhance trust and safety within you and in other levels of relationships that you may have in your life.

  • E stands for Embrace, which interconnects with the other values above. This means acknowledging, being authentic, accepting, being your truest self, wrapping yourself around every single part of yourself, even the parts that you do not like, the parts that you are ashamed about, the parts that cause distress, and the parts that you try to hide of yourself. Why? Because its still a part of YOU. You have to be curious about all these parts that you do not like, it contains information for you to learn from, and often times, that is where change is needed and much growth will come from it. You must lean into that discomfort, so you can then be comfortable. When you embrace and accept yourself as a whole, comparisons decrease, shame decreases, and it enhances positive experiences.

  • As a whole, B.A.R.E. means to be authentic, raw, vulnerable, honest and your most truest self. You cannot go down this path without being honest with yourself, being accountable, taking care of your well-being, and accepting your whole self.

Let’s Get B.A.R.E. !

B.A.R.E. Holistic & Wellness Therapy, Inc